Wasting Timer™ is coming soon to the App Store!

Wasting Timer™ Features

Time Tracking

Wasting Timer’s trademark feature is the sleek timer. Start it when you waste time, stop it when you’re finished. It’s that easy!


We keep track of your wasted time in all categories and make it easy to access cumulative reports and charts that break down your totals.


A lot of times, wasted time is spent wishing you were doing something else. We’ll keep you entertained and free of boredom.

Apple Watch Extension

We make it easy for you to start and stop timers with the Wasting Timer Apple Watch extension. Just one tap and your timer is ready!

Time is money!

Wasting Timer™ is the perfect tool to show you how much time you are wasting doing the things you’re not a huge fan of. Waiting in line, sitting in traffic, hanging with the in-laws- we’ve all been there.

The best part of this app? We have an Apple Watch extension so that you can quickly and discreetly tap on your timer on the second your friend starts talking about how you should join her at Cross Fit.